Friday, February 02, 2007

Photography and I were introduced to each other in 1991, as at that time my brother used to buy certain magazines of photography. After 2 years I acquired my first photographic camera - a Praktika BMS - and I began shooting my first photographs. My relation with photography is clearly a love - hate relationship. One way or the other the photographer possesses, in the this strange universe, a difficult role, the role of a voyeur, who like a small child peeps from the keyhole of his parents' room with pleasure, shaping his/her own primary scene. In the same way the photographer with pleasure composes his/her own fundamental scene through his camera lenses, acquiring his own pleasure. I am neither a professional nor an amateur accordingly, just a primarily sick-with-photography patient.

We are born and live within a network of words; we use the words to express what we need to say and how we feel. I do not believe that a photo is something other than an effort to express a term which, like a trigger, is used in order to release a torrential flow of feelings. A couple kissing symbolizes the word "love", while a cross can mean "death" or "absence" accordingly. This correspondence between the conveyed meaning and the actual meaning is what offers feedback to ambiguity in meaning concerning a photograph, in other words the multiple meaning given to an image.

The image of a baby that receives their mother's tenderness can for a photographer be the word "tenderness", while for another the word "absence", meaning the potential anxiety in front of the loss of this tenderness. Therefore the life experience of a photographer is what will play a decisive role, which is the right word to "use" each time. Different people, different experiences and accordingly different meanings are given. The universal explanation of an image by a "master mind" approaches the ultimate stupidity. Simultaneously, this is a funny and dangerous thing altogether.

I want to believe that my images do not have a common characteristic, either this is a realism or a surrealism. There might be a kind of grouping to a "blue period", "green period" and "yellow period". Nevertheless, and unfortunately I daresay, I cannot deny that some words constantly and concurrently "return". "Out of this world", "old", "hermetic" are recurrent words for me. I am positive though as I know that soon enough I will be able to get rid of them and pursue something more creative. In this way optimism appears... Optimism is a symptom, and as such it can be traced where decadence and dogmatism exist.

I love Nietzsche, Freud, Reich and ancient Greek Authors, Kazantzakis Askitiki (or Salvatores Dei) and " Axion Esti" (It Is Worthy) by Odysseus Elytis. I am addicted to Zaratustra's loneliness, the marbles of the ancient writers and Freud's symptoms. I am not shamed to steal something from all these and try to convert it into an image. It is a totally different thing' who cares anyway?


I wish there comes a time when we no longer need to make wishes.